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Obits Jan 13 - Jan 16, 1919 Will Transcribe Later

The Anderson Daily Bulletin

The Following Published June 13, 1919

The Following Published June 14, 1919

The Following Published June 16, 1919

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Obits June 9 - June 12, 1919.

Published in the Anderson Daily Bulletin 

The following published June 9, 1919



Mrs. Rachael Barnes, wife of Thomas Barnes, age 69, died of dropsy at 2 o'clock Sunday morning at the family's home, 1637 Brown street.  The funeral services were being held at 2:30 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Alta Shackle, 1734 Brown street with burial in Pleasant Walk cemetery.


Mrs. Nola Atkins, age 21, wife of  Thomas Atkins, died of tuberculosis at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon, at the home, 2219 Martindale avenue.  The funeral will be held Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at Albright's undertaking parlors, with burial near Moonsville.


The funeral of Mrs. Joseph Schalk was held at 2:30 p.m. Sunday at the home, 524 Meridian street, with Rev. T.W. Grafton in charge.  Burial was in Maplewood cemetery.

Judge J. F. McClure will go to Greencastle this week to attend the reunion of the class he graduated in forty years ago.

The following were published on June 10, 1919


(Associated Press Service.)

St. Louis, Mo., June 10--Oscar Bricker, 30 years old, of Wabash, Ind., a civilian flyer, was burned to death at Hannibal, Mo., this morning when his airplane fell out of control and crashed in a street bursting into flames.  Bricker's airplane was acting as herald for a convoy of motor trucks making a demonstration tour over Missouri and Illinois.


Thomas A.  Lavelle has been appointed administrator of the estate of Miss Nelle Lavelle whose death recently occured in a hospital at Rochester, Minn.  In a will Miss Lavelle disposes of an estate estimated to be worth $20,000.  Immediate relatives are named in the will as beneficiaries, a sister, Miss Mary Lavelle being the principal beneficiary.

The following was Published June 11, 1919


Miss Emily Albright, Age 75, Old Resident of County, Died at 5 O'clock this Morning at Home of Her Daughter, Mrs. Winters.

Was Stricken While at Her Home in Elwood Monday--Survived by Two Children--Funeral Plans Not Completed

Mrs. Emily Albright, age 75, a life long resident of Madison county, died at 5 o'clock this morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. A. J. Winters, 309 West Thirteenth street, following a stroke of paralysis on Monday.  The funeral arrangements have not been completed.

Mrs. Albright, is survived by two children, Mrs. A.J. Winters and Elmer S. Albright, both of this city.

The deceased was born about three miles southwest of here.  She had been a resident of Elwood for thirty-five years, Monday she suffered a stroke of paralysis while at her home there.  She was found unconscious by a neighbor and was brought to this city late Monday afternoon and taken to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Winters.


(Associated Press Service.)

Muncie, Ind., June 11--Local police believe that with the arrest of two negroes at Economy, Ind by Richmond police early today, the men who killed Clyde E. Benadum, a druggist of this city last night when attempting to rob his store, had been caught.  One of the negroes, giving his name as Wm. Anderson was shot three times before he was arrested.  According to the information received here Anderson's companion gave the name of Walter Arnett, 17 years old and is alleged to have told the Richmond police Anderson and he attempted to rob Benadum's store.



Terre Haute, June 11--Lawrence G Benning, 19, was killed and his sister, Miss Louise Benning, 23 was dangerously injured last night when Benning's motorcycle and side car collided at a street intersection with an automobile driven by William Sowers.  Benning was following Sowers car and started to pass it just as the automobile driver turned at an intersection.  The motorcycle crashed full into the automobile and was demolished.


Muncie, June 11,--Clyde Benadum, 34, proprietor of the Willard street drug store, was shot and instantly killed last night at 11:15 o'clock by one of two masked highwaymen who entered his store in quest of money.  The bullet pierced his heart.  Robert H. May, who was in the store at the time of the shooting, was unharmed, as he did not offer any resistance.

According to May, the men entered the store and said, "Throw up your hands."  May dropped the coat that was thrown over his arm and complied with the request, but Benadum drew a gun.  Before he could open fire, the robbers began shooting with two guns.  

"They've got me Bob,"  Benadum muttered when he sank to the floor.


Dunkirk, June 11,--During the wind and rain storm that swept over this city, about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, James Babbett, the seven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Babbett, residing in Shadyside, was struck by lightning and instantly killed.


Dunkirk, June 11,--During the wind and rain storm that swept over this city, about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, James Babbett, the seven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Babbett, residing in Shadyside, was struck by lightning and instantly killed.


Newcastle, June 11--Dr. Carl G. Winter, past grand worthy president of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, of Indianapolis, was the principal speaker at a big Eagle rally and initiation here last night.  More than seventy-five candidates were taken into the order.


Bluffton, June 11--Robert Gardiner, age seven, and Robert Kreigh, age nine, victims of a drowning accident at the old Miller and Studebaker quarry east of the city, Monday evening, were buried today.


Portland, June 11--John Edward Hoover, 28, dropped dead while plowing corn on the W.R. Wheat farm, three miles northwest of Bryant.  He was ill with influenza last winter, and was left a sufferer from a weakened heart.

The following was published Thursday, June 12, 1919


The funeral of Mrs. Emily Albright will be held Friday at 4 p.m. at the home of Mrs. A.C. Winters, 309 West Thirteenth street, with burial in Maplewood cemetery.

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Obits Oct 1 - Oct 3 1919

Published in the Anderson Daily Bulletin

The Following Published October 1, 1919


(Assoicated Press Service.)
Marion, Ind. Oct.1--Mrs. William E. Hogin, 59, mother of Mrs Uz McMurtle, wife of the state treasurer of Indiana, is dead at ther home here following a long illness.



Wynoka Colwell, the two months old child of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Colwell, of 3000 Pearl street, died yesterday.  The funeral was held today, with burial in Pleasant Walk cemetery.


The funeral of Mrs. Diana Worick was held at 3 p.m. today at the home of her daughter, Miss Luellla Worick, 515 Cottage avenue, Park Place.


William R Estep, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Estep, is home from San Francisco, Cal., with his honorable discharge from the navy.  He has been in the service two and one-half years.  He will be home until October 10,  when he wll leave for Santiego, Cal., where he will spend two years to complete his education in engineering.


(Associated Press Service.)

Kokomo, Ind., Oct 1--Victor J Obenauer , ediotr of the Kokomo dispatch died here at noon today at his home or double pneumonia.  Mr Obenauer was taken sick Saturday.  He is survived by two children.


(Associated Press Service.)
Indianapolis, Oct 1--Mrs. Margaret Stout, a farmer living south of New Bethel, was killed instantly early today when she was struck by an outbound interban car at Stop 12, on the Shelbyville line a short distance from her home.  

Clad only in her night dress Mrs. Stout wandered from her home some time after midnight and was walking south on the car tracks when she was struck.  She was hurled fifty feet.  Her mind apparently had become deranged.

The Following Published October 3, 1919

Judge J. F. McClure is today confined to his room with illness, and Dr. Miley has ordered absolute quiet and rest for a week or more, and is keeping the Judge abed.


Mrs. Sara Jane Miller, aged 80, mother of Miss Margaret Leachman, high school teacher, died this afternoon at the home, 145 West Thirteenth street.  The body will be sent to Danville, Ind. tomorrow at 10:30 a.m for burial.


Miss Vera Wallace, of 1709 Central avenue, ran a needle into her elbow this morning at the Fair store.  It was necessary for Dr. Thomas Jones to cut into the **** to extract the portion of the needle which was buried.


(Associated Press Service)

Columbus, Ind., Oct 3.  John E. Molenkamp, 24, a farm laborer committed suicide at his home in Jonesville last night by swallowing poison.  Molenkamp is the third brother in his family to commit suicide in little more than a year.


In the superior court today, Frances Sorman was granted a decree in divorce from Carl Sorman and given custody of their two-year-old child.  The whereabouts of Sorman are said to be unknown.



Mrs. Sarah Alexander, age 68, sister of Mrs. Barton Kincaid, of 1205 Nichol avenue, this city, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Stanley Parsons, at Marion.  The funeral was held at 1 p.m. today at the Grace M.E. church on Fourteenth street here.  Mrs. Alexander was well known.  she is survived by a son, Lewis Kincaid, of Rock Island, Ill, and a daughter, Mrs. Parsons of Marion, also the sister Mrs. Kincaid, here.


Ralph E. Stapp, father of Albert Stapp of Ft. Wayne, formerly of this city is dead at Elkhart.  The burial occured there today.

Obits Jan 14 & Jan 17 1897

Published in the Anderson Morning Herald
January 1897

Published January 14, 1897


The Ice Broke and Six Went Into the Water --Two Rescued

ST. LOUIS, Jan 13, -- Four children were drowned in the northern part of the city Tuesday afternoon.  they were Fable Mathews, aged 14, and her brother George, age 10, who lived at 4015 North Grand avenue;  Amanda Arnold, aged 16, and her brother Arthur, aged 15, who lived at 4314 Farli avenue. A party of 25 girls and boys returning from school gathered at a deep quarry pond at Scanlan place and Kossath avenue at 4:30 p.m. and began skating on the thin ice, that way only one day old.  While the fun was at its height the ice in the center of the pond gave way and six skaters went down.  Two were rescued by their companions, but the others were beyond reach and sank at once.  A thousand people gathered about the pond and sought to find the bodies.  The fire department was called and before 6 o'clock all the bodies had been recovered.

The Following Published January 17, 1897

A Chicago Traveling Man Expires Suddenly.

D.D. Thompson, a Chicago traveling man, who stayed in Anderson Thursday night, dropped dead at the Union station in Indianapolis yesterday morning.  Mr. Thompson left here on the 8:30 train yesterday morning for Indianapolis.  He carried two grips, appeared in the best of health, and on the train laughed and joked with those about him.  Arriving at Indianapolis Mr. Thompson passed outside of the depot and was on the pavement on the north side, when suddenly he was seen to reel on the sidewalk then fall.  The man gasped a few times and was dead.

The usual wrangle between police and undertakers occurred and as a result the body was allowed to lay on the wet pavement for nearly an hour before it was removed.  Mr. Thompson was a large man and apoplexy is supposed to have been the cause of death.

Wife Murder and Suicide
RUGBY, Tenn. Jan 16, --Ben L. Davies, the former assistant manager of the Gibson house, Cincinnati, murdered his wife and then suicided at the Tabard Inn.  He cut his wife's throat, almost severing her head from her body.  The double tragedy occurred at the famous inn at 6 o'clock in the morning.  Davies was in a terrible rage just previous to the horror, and it is presumed that he became crazed through drink.

Prominent Chattanoogan Dead.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Jan 16--A. J. Wisdom, one of Chattanooga's first citizens in residence and importance, died Friday at the age of 70 from kidney disease.  The deceased was one of this city's largest property holders, his holdings embracing several of its largest business blocks.

The Ax-User Caught.

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn, Jan 16--William Sergeant, of Christian county, Kentucky, who, a couple of days ago split his wife's head open with an ax and cut one of her ears off, had been located at Peacher Mills, this county, and officers will arrest him and take him back to Kentucky.  Sergeant is with relatives.  A reward was offered for his capture.

Tilllman Abandons the Contest.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan 16,--Hon G. N. Tillman, the late republican candidate for governor, has abandoned his contest for Taylor's election.  He published a card Saturday in which he states that his course was necessitated by the act of the legislature requiring him to give bond for $25,00, before proceeding with the contest.

Historian Headley Dead.

NEWBURGH, N.Y., Jan. 16, --Hon Joel T Headley, the historian and ex-secretary of state of New York, died here Saturday morning.

Put Four Bullets In His Body.

Greenburg, Ind. Jan, 16--Frank Gray, a farmer of Versailles, suicided on account of domestic troubles.  he recently separated from his wife.  he sought a haymow as a place for putting four bullets into his body.

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Obituaries Published Jan 9 - Jan 13, 1897

Published January 9, 1897


Mrs. Herrick, wife of Clemont Herrick, 79 West First sreet, died a 3 o'clock yesterday morning, as asthma. The funeral will occur from St. Mary's church at 3 o'clock this afternoon, burial being in the St. Mary's cemetery.   The deceased was sixty-four year of age and besides the bereaved husband she leaves three grown children.

Published January 9, 1897

Chewing Gum Causes Death.

SHELBYVILLE, Ind. Jan. 8--Chewing gum caused the death of Lasalle Barnum, the nine-year-old son of Dr. W. E. Barnum, of Manilla.  the boy was a great user of chewing gum, and complained of pain in the right side of the abdomen.  Apendicitis was diagnosed and an operation was performed, from which the boy died.  It developed that he had been in the habit of swallowing the gum.

Trainmaster Fatally Injured.

FT. WAYNE, Ind., Jan, 8--T.O. Doremus, for the past 25 years a trainmaster on the Ft. Wayne branch of the Lake Shore railroad was fatally injured in the yards at Jackson, Mich.  He was riding on the pilot of an engine and slipped off, receiving injuries which caused his death in a few hours.

Published January 9, 1897

Will Graney Hastily Summoned to Indianapolis.

Yesterday Will Graney received a letter from Indianapolis saying that his wife, who is visiting there, was ill.  In the evening a telegram came stating that Mrs. Graney was much worse, and if her husband expected to see her alive to come at once.  Mr. Graney boarded the first train out of Anderson for Indianapolis.

Published January 13, 1897

Dr. S. H. Charlton Dead.

SEYMOUR, Ind., Jan 12,--Dr. Samuel H. Charlton, aged 70, died at 3 a.m.  He was of wide influence in his profession and became a member of the International Medical congress in 1887.  He held many offices of honor in the medical profession.  He was a brother of T.J. Charlton, manager of the Indiana Reform school.

Body Half Eaten by Hogs.

BEDFORD, Ind., Jan 12,--The partly decomposed trunk of a man was found in a field near Heltonville, this county, Monday afternoon.  It is thought to be the body of one John Davis, in inmate of the poor farm.  When found the extremities had been eaten away, evidently by hogs, and identification is not complete.

Published January 13, 1897

A Business Man Ends His Life.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill., Jan 13., Owing it is supposed to the failure of his business Monday, J. Bamberger, a prominent merchant of this city, committed suicide Tuesday morning by jumping into an air hole in the Mississippi river.

Evidence of a Murder.

HAYDEN, KY.,  Jan. 13,--The clothes of Miss Polly Feltner, who disappeared January 2, have been found in the mountains near her home, and it believed that she has been murdered.

Split His Wife's Head With an Ax.

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Jan. 13,--A special from Hopkinsville, Ky., says that Reuben Seargent, a Negro, split his wife's head open with an ax because she had him arrested.  She will die.

Published January 13, 1897

Aged Minister Dead.

CROWN POINT, Ind., Jan 13,--Rev. Henry Rotermund, aged 83, of the German Evangelical church, one of the oldest ministers in the state, died Wednesday morning.  He retired and went on the church pension list several years ago.

Fatally Injured by a Cow.

HAGERSTOWN, Ind., Jan 13,--Mrs. Henry Strickner?  living on a farm near this place, was fatally hurt by a cow.  She went to the barn to milk the cows and was attacked by one of them and horned and trampled almost to death.

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More Obits June 1897

 Published in the Anderson Morning Herlad
January 1897

 The Following Published Jan 6 1897

Who Has Held Several Office of Trust, Dies of Apoplexy

BOSTON, Jan. 5--Francis Amasa Walker, the second son of Amasa Walker LL. D, one of America's most distinguished writers on subjects relating to political economy and science, died Tuesday morning of apoplexy.

He was born in Boston July 21, 1840.  He served throughout the war of the rebellion with distinction and in 1871 was appointed by the president as Indiana commissioner and served in that position until 1872, when he was elected professor of political economy and history in Sheffield scientific school at Yale.

In 1879 he organized the tenth census and although he resigned the superintendency of the census in 1881 to become president of the Institute of Technology, it was under agreement to edit the entire series of census reports.  He went to Paris in 1878 as commisssioner from the United States to the international monetary conference.  He was president of the American Statistical association form 1882 and president of the American Economic association from 1886.

Gen. Walker was invited by President Harrison to represent the United States in the international bimetallic conference of 1800.  He declined he offer, however, and President Andrews of Brown university, was named in his stead.

Died of Heart Disease.

VINCENNES, Ind, Jan. 5--Miss Effie McClure, daughter of ex-County Treasurer W.T. McClure, fell dead from heart disease Monday.  She was home on a vacation from the Lincoln (ILL.) university.

Accidentally Shot Himself.

WESTPORT, Ind., Jan. 5.--Dan Baker, 14 years old, accidentally shot himself Monday with a revolver, the bullet penetrating eight inches in his right hip.  Dr. Burroughs says that he will live.

Convict on Trial for Murder

SOUTH BEND, Ind., Jan 5, --The trial of Henry Jones for the murder of Homer Thomas, a fellow convict in the Michigan City penitentiary, began Monday morning.  The prosecution will try to prove the murder was premeditated, and as Jones is serving 21 years for murder, will ask for a death penalty.

Sends His Father to an Asylum.

SHELBYVILLE, Ind., Jan. 5 --Larz Branson, of Union township, Monday morning procured the necessary papers to have his aged father committed to the insane asylum at Indianapolis.  the condition of Branson is the results of being thrown from his buggy some months ago.

Child Horribly Scalded.

RICHMOND, Ind., Jan 5.--The three-year-old child of J.R. Cooney fell into a tub of scalding water Monday afternoon and was horribly burned.

Gov Matthews Will Not Lecture.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Jan 5,--Gov. Matthews Monday morning declined two offers to go upon the lecture stage.

Died From His Injuries.

RICHMOND, Ind., Jan. 5--John Madden died Monday of injuries received in falling from Main street bridge one week ago.

Died in the Blizzard.

FARGO, N.D.,  Jan. 5,--News has just reached Fargo of the death of Edward and John Pettit in the blizzard of Sunday.  They were caught not far from their house at Henter, 30 miles from this city, and frozen to death.  They were sons of J.F. Pettit.

 The Following Were Published Jan. 8 1897

Death of Gen Negrete.

ST. LOUIS, Jan, 6,--A special from City of Mexico announces the death there of Maj. Gen. Miguel Negrete, one of the most celebrated military men in Mexico.  He served under Santa Anna and fought with distinction against Gen. Taylor.  He served several years as Secretary of War.

Fatal Boiler Explosion.

SISTERVILLE, W. Va., Jan 6,--A boiler exploded Wednesday morning at Benwood in the hear of the Ohio oil field, killing William Austin, of Warren, Pa., and Samuel Bigler, of New Matamoras, O., and seriously injuring Charles Hinkel, a tool dresser and James Nolan, a driller.

"Big Pete" Aubrey Dead.

NEW YORK, Jan., 7--"Big Pete" Aubrey, a war veteran, died at his home in Florence, Mass, Wednesday, of blood poisoning, resulting from an old wound.  He was famous as the giant chief of police at Andersonville prison and other southern prisons in the latter part of the war.

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